Outbound Investor Contact - $7500 CAD per month

 five contacts (via phone call) a day to investors in my database who have expressed interest in stock market related opportunities going forward. Once contact has been made an investors kit is emailed out and voice call follow-up has been set in the calendar. All of my calls are recorded and you're welcome to listen to daily archives to check progress, make suggestions or tweaks to the message. This works out to 100 new investors per month who have in-depth knowledge about your company and are considering making an investment  or have already done so on the first or follow up call. 
A weekly list of interested investors will be added to your company's database building the audience of investors who want to follow your company going forward.
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Social Media Marketing

Get your message seen by your target audience on all popular social media sites and financial investment portals, at a discounted rate through personal relationship bundle pricing


Securing Select Investment Conference Invitations

Investor Conferences are a great way to leverage management’s time and gain broad concerted exposure in one setting. However, not all conferences meet each client’s needs. We couple roadshows around select conference participation dates, where possible

Financial District Elevator TV Advertising 

Place your symbol and key message in front of 10,000 + business executives with in the financial community a day at an opportune time while they are in transit in a high-rise elevator.

Investor relations firm helping your company find its way.

Integrated Shareholder And Corporate Communications

Effective investor and corporate communications are essential deliverables that serve as a core for our strategic success. Our shareholder and corporate communications efforts incorporate effective presentations and investment theses development, assisted  press release drafting, , investor inquiry response, media management and crisis communications

Canadian Financial Roadshow - $2,000 CAD per day - Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto

European Financial Roadshow - $5,000 USD per day - London, Geneva, Zurich and Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris and Brussels

One on one meetings during the day (between five and eight depending on the time needed per meeting to tell the story) and a small group lunch

Before the trip we send out a short note on the client to our target audience and then use this note as a way to pre-qualify our meetings. We prefer to make sure the person we go to see has at least some background knowledge of the story / asset as it reduces the risk of us going to funds that aren't interested which would be embarrassing for me and a waste of money and time for the client.
Immediately after the trip we write a note for the client with comments on everyone we met and full contact details.

Three months after the trip I write another short research note which I circulate to those people we met as a little reminder / prompt.